I’m professor of advertising in Western Kentucky University’s Department of Communication and member of the WKU graduate faculty.  I teach classes in branding, digital media, and research analytics. Adthinktank is built on a simple business model. I assemble the best professionals for each project to keep quality high and overhead low. You’ll work directly with me saving you time and money. Satisfaction guaranteed. 


Cliff Shaluta

Professor. writer. Brand WrangLER.

Our services


Launching a brand without research is like launching a sailboat without wind. You might hit land eventually, but probably not where you had planned. Research starts the process of branding.

Brand Strategy

A branding strategy connects your brand’s “personality” with the right audience. We can help you craft a brand story that reflects your vision and then develop an actionable communication strategy.


Design is the creative expression of consumer insight driven by a relevant brand strategy. We offer design services to generate attention and enhance your brand image. On-time. On budget.


Branding efforts can only go so far if you aren’t tracking them closely and making adjustments along the way. Tracking results from advertising and social media is critical to your success. We can help.


What can we build for you?